2011-02-24 13:57:22 by UltraChimp

now i'm sad ;-;


2011-02-19 14:01:51 by UltraChimp

They ate the pie. THEY WILL PPPAAAAYYY!!!!!


ANGRY ANGRY ANGRY. Have a nice day.

Will you be my valentines?

2011-02-13 15:29:24 by UltraChimp

On second thought looking at, never mind.....

Entanglement 2.

2011-02-08 17:07:18 by UltraChimp

Amazing. I mean just amazing. I remember first watching this and loving every second. THEN BEING PISSED OF CAUSE SOME FUCKTARDS DONT LIKE DBS'S PART, I LOVED IT, AND I HONESTLY THOUGHT IT WAS AMAZING, I DARE ANYONE WHO DOESN'T LIKE IT TO MAKE AN ANIMATION LIKE IT. It was simply amazing, the only one which had non-2d actions, it was amazing , I mean the others where great. But this one has created a hole new style (I mean there were others similar to it, but this has become a inspiration). Everyone else was fantastic, I have never heard of Frost, but he is now one of my favourite stick animators. Hyun is always amazing, no really he is. Miccool always creates some eye-candy. I forgot that Jomm did some non-2d action, but not all the way through, nevertheless his parts blow my mind (Like all the others) That's it, really. The animation met the hype (at least my one). ENJOY WATCHING IT, link: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/


BTW, I voted 5/5 and 10/10, you should to, the least it deserves is a 9/10 or a 4/5. I mean feel free to say what you think, but I still don't like people who don't like DBS part. Really? Guys comment below!


2011-02-05 05:49:10 by UltraChimp

Guess what?
Shut up.


2011-02-04 03:05:43 by UltraChimp

How was your day?